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General / 04 March 2019

Hello peeps! I would like to share with you a quick turntable of my next personal project based on the amazing Luigi Lucarelli Concept art <3

Hope you Like it <3

Time to pose Don Catleone!!!

General / 16 October 2018

I think i got the right mood and the right  look dev for this fella! Time to pose him and pray for yeti gods to make it work!  what do you guys think? feel Free to comment!

More Don Catleone W.I.P

Work In Progress / 24 September 2018

More progress on this little guy. Think its time to move to props and scenario, some procedural snow shader test.

tail <3
what about this composition?

Cat Look Dev W.I.P

Work In Progress / 18 September 2018

Hello guys and gals I want to share with you the progress of my Cat.. I've got him a name, Don Catleone, The CatFather. Hope you like it! Tips are always welcome!!!!

Eyes Close up:

New Character Grooming Personal project.

Work In Progress / 02 September 2018

Hey guys, i don't really know if you will like it, but i will be posting the progress of this character here in artstation.

I want to Thanks my friend André Rosseto for letting me have his model for this project. Its a Cat Based on Cory Loftis concept art:

First things first. Just separated the model, made the topology, the uv maps , and decided it will be made with Arnold for Rendering and Yeti For Grooming (Time to Learn!). And for First Step i Got this!

Still tons of stuff to fix! But Hope you like it! Sugestions are always welcome!

Character Look Dev wip. JESUS THIS IS HARDASFUCK

General / 30 July 2018

Sup guys and gals. For a long time i am trying to do some stuff for character modeling, and well... i suck at modeling. This is my first try  on doing a female character, there is still a LOT OF STUFF to do. this are just the first steps in this project. I plan to rigg, animate and make a cloth sim, but i dont know if i will be able to to it =( But lets rock!

Work In Progress Popsicle Unicorn!!!

General / 02 July 2018

Some updates on this guy! got the Results i wanted in the chest, the fluffy clamped chest! hope you like it! Give me some feedbacks please!



Fur is hard!

Work In Progress / 25 June 2018

Hi guys! How are you? Well I´m doing this groom for my next personal project and its fucking hard to achieve something good... Well need feedbacks! Hope you like it how its going! See ya!

Studying Houdini <3

General / 28 February 2018

Studying procedural modeling and shading in houdini. Thanks to Entagma for the tutorial. <3

Magic Potion W.I.P.

General / 28 February 2018

Hello guys! This is a Work in progress for a LookDevelopment Personal project i am getting into. Hope you like it and i want some critcs and comments! =)